Licensing Services

  • Have you been told you need to “narrowband” your license?
  • Do you need a new FCC license?
  • Has your license expired?
  • Are you moving from an analog system to digital?
  • Has your company recently been sold?

Complete list of FCC Licensing Services

Narrowband Services

Beginning January 1, 2011, the FCC will no longer accept an application for a new VHF or UHF system or a modification to a license that operates on channels exceeding 12.5 kHz, unless efficiency standards are satisfied. As of January 1, 2013, all existing licenses must operate on channels not exceeding 12.5 kHz, unless efficiency standards are satisfied.

New and Modified Licenses

Request a new license or modify your existing FCC license. We offer licensing of repeaters, base stations, mobiles/portables, microwave, personal radio, business radio, Public Safety, and schools.

License Renewals and Cancellations

Request an FCC renewal filing when your license is about to expire. Have you sold or dismantled your radio system? Then you will need to cancel your license.

Special Temporary Authority

Do you have a special event and need radio service for a limited time? Or maybe you have an expired license and cannot afford to be without radio service while a new license is being coordinated? An STA is a quick solution to both of these needs.

Assignments of Authorization

If your radio system has changed ownership, you need to follow the proper FCC change-of-ownership procedure. Since all changes of ownership require approval by multiple federal organizations, this can be extremely involved. Let us handle it for you.

Construction Notifications

Since early 2006, all licenses that are granted require a Construction Notification (also known as a Schedule K) within one year of the grant date, or else the license will be terminated. We provide these as part of all license applications, but other licensing companies do not always have the best interests of the licensee at heart. If your licensing company conveniently forgot to include this, give us a call.

Petitions for Reconsideration

Request a Petition for Reconsideration. This is required by the FCC when they have ordered a change to your license. If you fail to file your construction notification by the buildout deadline the FCC will change your license status to Termination Pending. You will then have 30 days to file a Petition before termination becomes permanent.

FAA Studies & FCC Tower Registration

A tower registration is required when your tower exceeds 200 feet in height or is in the glide slope path of an airport. FAA study and ASR signage are included. Tower signage is required, and also available from RLS.

Surveying Equipment Licensing

GIS technology has made huge advances in the last few years. The current generation of GPS RTK survey equipment operates with licensed UHF or VHF spectrum. We can license your equipment so you can go out and go to work.

Spectrum Acquisitions, Brokerage, Leasing

Do you need exclusive frequencies ("clean channels"), want to lease spectrum, or have a license you would like us to market for you? Contact us with your needs.

System Engineering & Design/Contour & Coverage Maps

Are you unsure of your system requirements, coverage, or design? Do you need a coverage map to request a deviation from Safe Harbor rules? Or perhaps you need help with your radio systems? Contact us and speak with a seasoned radio professional.

Site Safety Study/Environmental Impact Assessment

The FCC, EPA, and OSHA require a site safety assessment and environmental impact statement with all fixed radio systems. We can provide a Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) report to maintain this compliance and protect you from injury and liability lawsuit. Why take chances without one?

Radio Safety Signage

All fixed site operators and tower owners are required to maintain proper signage to warn the general public, employees, and outside contractors of potential health dangers. Avoid a hefty fine with our help.

Legal Help

Have you been fined by the FCC? Do you require legal assistance? Let us help you with the guidance of our Regulatory Counsel.

License Management

Whether you have one license or hundreds, we can manage all of your renewals and changes, and provide you with regulatory updates. Contracts are available.