Q: Am I required to purchase the FCC Rules and Regulations book?

A: No – You only need to be able to access them. The most current version is available online, and you can print as many copies as you feel you need.

Q: Do you need an FCC license?

A: Yes, if you are operating radios that are on frequencies listed in the FCC Rules and Regulations.

Q: Is there any place I can search for information on pending or granted licenses?

A: Yes, http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/

Q: How long does it take to get an FCC license for two-way radios?

A: The typical business/industrial license process takes about 10 business days. For a public safety license approximately 90-120 days. You may operate under conditional authority once it has been on file with the FCC for 10 days and is below 800 MHz and South of line A or West of Line C.

Q: How do I renew an expired license?

A: You cannot renew an expired license. It must be handled as a new license.

Q:I just got a letter from the FCC. What do I do?

A: Call us. Advice costs you nothing. If there is a problem, we will tell you. If there is no problem, we will not try to sell you something you don't need.

Q: Why do I keep getting letters from licensing companies?

A: All licenses are public domain, which means anyone can look at your license info. This makes radio licensees prime targets for hungry marketers. If you get one of these notices, call us and we will tell you if what they say is true. Again, it costs you nothing.

Q: What is the penalty for operating without a license?

A: According to the FCC Policy Statement 1.80- $10,000.00 per day per license.